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Term 4 Week 1 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 5th of October, 2020.

Grade 1 – Thursday 12pm

Meeting Number:       165 702 7542

Password:                  grade1

Grade 2 – Thursday 1pm

Meeting Number:       165 013 9038

Password:                   grade2

WALT – Man landing on the Moon


ACTIVITY – Students watch the videos of man landing on the moon 51 years ago.


Apollo 11 - The First Moon Walk | Things You Wanna Know


Moon Landing

Term 3 Week 9 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 14th of September, 2020.

WALT – Find out about the Planets.



1. Use the Nasa Space Place website to play the Solar System game. You need ‘Flash’ enabled to play.

2. Watch the instructions.

3. Students complete the ‘fill the gap’ activity using the words on the sheet.

Term 3 Week 8 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 7th of September, 2020.

WALT – Learn about the International Space Station. What is it? What is it for?


ACTIVITY – 1. Discussion about the ISS. Who is Sunny Williams? What is it like to live in space?


2. Watch the video, ‘Tour the ISS’.

Term 3 Week 7 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 31st of August, 2020.

WALT – The Seasons.



1. Discussion. How does the position of the Earth orbiting the Sun change the Season?


2. Watch videos.

Why are there Seasons?


Seasons and the Sun

4. Students complete the activity ‘The Seasons’ from Space early themes page 15.

Term 3 Week 6 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 24th of August, 2020.

WALT – What are the planets in the Solar System?


ACTIVITY – 1. Discussion. What planets are in the Solar System?

2. Demonstration planets around the Sun.

3. Watch videos.

The Rocky Planets?

The Gas Giants

4. Students use the Seesaw activity assigned to them to order the planets. Make sure they understand that the pictures are not to scale.


There is a NASA website to help them if they are not sure about the order.

Term 3 Week 5 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 17th of August, 2020.

WALT – What are stars / the Sun?


ACTIVITY – 1. Discussion. What is the Sun?

2. Demonstration about day and night.

3. Watch video.

What are Stars?

4. Students use the sheet to demonstrate how the Earth rotates and the side that is facing the Sun has day and the side that is facing away from the Sun is night. If the students don’t have a sheet they can draw the diagrams in their books.

Term 3 Week 4 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 10th of August, 2020.

WALT – Identify things seen in the sky.


ACTIVITY - 1. Watch the video.

Why can I see the moon during the day?

2. Students read the information on the work ‘What’s in the sky – 1?’  Use the information to answer the questions on ‘What’s in the sky - 2’ in your science books.

Term 3 Week 3 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 3rd of August, 2020.

WALT – Identify things seen in the sky. Can you see them all the time?


ACTIVITY - What’s in the sky?

1. Consider / think about the following questions.

What can you see during the day?

What can you see at night?  

Is there some things you can see all the time?

Can you see clouds at night?

Can you see the moon during the day?

Can you see stars in daylight?

Can you see planets and other things in space from Earth.


Draw two pictures. One during daytime and one at night. Draw and label things you could see.

Term 3 Week 1 Remote Learning - Week beginning Monday 20th of July, 2020.


TASK: Day and Night Pre-Test


This task is a pre-test and is to be complete by the student alone and without using technology. It is to find out what the student knows at the moment. They can ask a parent or teacher to read the question or explain the task but they cannot tell them what to draw or write. The more they add and label shows me what they know. Once completed, please stick the sheets into their book.

1. DRAW and LABEL the how day and night happen. Think about correct sizes and colours. If you think something moves, show movement with the use of arrows or provide short explanations.

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